Lawatan Ke Bumi Pandhalungan (bag. 1)

Saya tengah berkelebat di daerah Sumuran sambil mencuplik kenangan setahun silam. Kala itu di lokasi yang sama bau wangi memenuhi relung hidung dan memaksa saya melambatkan laju roda dua demi menikmatinya lebih lama. Semerbak tersebut berhulu dari deretan gudang pengeringan daun tembakau yang berjajar di sepanjang jalan. Tak sulit menemukan bangunan besar memanjang yang terbuat dari bambu dan kayu itu di pinggiran Jember. Nampak pula iringan truk dan mobil bak terbuka hilir mudik keluar masuk area gudang pengeringan. Hingar.

Demi Jalan Sunyi Si Istimewa

Tengah siang baru saja lewat saat Citra Dewi Kasyanti tengah memakaikan sepatu pada sang buah hati, Rizki Charlie. Itu bukan sepatu biasa melainkan sepatu yang dirancang khusus untuk menopang kaki. Rizki baru saja mengalami hari yang melelahkan sedari pagi. Selama beberapa jam bocah 5 tahun tersebut harus menjalani beberapa terapi untuk melatih kemampuan fisiknya. Kebetulan hari ini ia mendapatkan sesi Terapi Okupasi. Rizki adalah salah satu pasien Griya Bunda Novy, sebuah klinik fisioterapi bagi anak berkebutuhan khusus yang berada di Yogyakarta.

The Agony of Bekonang (Nyawa Meregang Bekonang)

It’s a common sight to find drums and firewood pile in front of a house. Those are mark of home industries of alcohol ran by the house owner. Bekonang, a small village in Mojolaban district, Sukoharjo regency, Central Java, Indonesia, is an old legend for generations to liquor lovers especially in Central Java and beyond thanks to its ciu (local liquor). It is a bold statement from the residents of Bekonang, one of them is Mujiman, 68, an alcohol producer titled Ngudi Rejeki.

Bandung Street Fighter (Pejuang Jalanan Bandung)

Bandung, the West Java capital is a communal area and popular destination at a  time. It has hectic street just like other big cities. Almost no time for calmness. Hard, dusty and noisy. It is a melting pot which leads to high risk of conflict. Yet it offers living for those who made a try, the strong who dear to face the risk of working on the street. Messy weather and the ruthlessness of street are classic problem that always set to say hello at the most unexpected times. Street is no place for the faint-hearted. Here are some of the Bandung street fighters

The New Chapter : The Best Moment In 2015 (Semangat Baru)

Many events took place in 2015. The most memorable was the born of the new center of universe, my baby. As his presence, a new challenge yet spirit has emerged. In other side, my understanding of photography become deeper than before. Instead about the camera and other technical terms, it’s actually about how to master the patience, aware to detail and moment, endure the persistence, find different perspective, communicate with people, respect the nature and many more. For those who have a passion about life, photography provide almost everything beyond our imagination.

The Daredevil’s Diary (Secuplik Kisah Penunggang Maut)

The roar was deafening. The smell of gasoline filled the air. Some of the spectators cover their ears and noses, while looking downward. Meanwhile Eko Purwanto, Jumari and Maulana Putut Kuncoro prepare themselves at the bottom of the barrel. Eko and Ari were set with their RX King. The motors has amputated mufflers and no brakes. Both starting at the center base, they ride the bikes circling a barrel-shaped wooden cylinder with size 6.5 meters of height and 5 meters of diameter. Slowly they ascend closer to rim and swiftly grab the saweran (stage tips) waved by the crowd.

Sapu Upcycle, From Trash To Cash (Dari Limbah Menjadi Berkah)

The joglo (javanese traditional house) seems to be nothing special at glance, just an ordinary house. Yet there’s something inside. Looks messy but sightly thanks for an artistic touch. The most interesting is the activity takes place. The house which located on the outskirt of Salatiga City is a workshop place for upcycling waste into products with a environmental, functional and aesthetical value. And above all, economical. Not plastic, bottle, glasses, paper nor some other material which commonly used for recycling, it’s inner tube waste.

Educating Indonesia By Visual (Cerdas Melalui Visual)

Boring. That’s most likely firts look of Indonesian schoolbook. Almost no significant improvement even compared to a few decades ago. Now let’s take a look at the imported one. It may has the same content but definetely also has a profound difference, colorful and full of pictures. This visual graphics is a very important feature to help kids easily understand the subject matter. So fun yet feast the mind. Even it’s still interesting for the adult. This could be one of the causes of  lack quality of education in Indonesia.