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Hi there, thank you for stopping by.

My name is Alfian Widiantono, you can call me Aan, and this is my personal blog. Recently I live in Bandung after spending 5 years in Jakarta and another 25 years in Yogyakarta.

At the beginning, this blog was only to express my passion of traveling & photography. But now its more than that. Today Indonesia probably are having their hardest period after The Independence. Corruption, disaster, unfairness, crime, social sickness, political bullshit, just mention it and you’ll find all of that bad things.

That’s the problem in our media. Bad news is a good news. They keep exposing those shit. Consequently, people become apathetic and losing their hope. In fact Indonesia has so much more beauty that should be told. Not just about the landscape and culture, but also the people who deserve to be an example to inspire and educate us to keep exploring, loving, caring and protecting this country. This people needs to be in our headline news. That is my goal.

It is enough that those mainstream media fed us with so many bad story. Now it’s time to explore and share more good stories about Indonesia. It’s an honor for me to be part of it.

God made the darkness so you can see the light. Which one are you, the darkness or the light?

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  1. nice nice nice!!!

  2. Hi Aan,
    Knew your from Yogya. Need your advice for 4 days Yogya coming X”mas holiday soonest. Not sure you can help me following on :
    1. Historical building at Yogya Town
    2. Market place or bazzar to see and buy souvenir
    3. Transport to Borobudur temple , see sunrise from Punthuk Setumbu Hill, Moutain Merapi .

    Thank you in advance.

    1. Hello jack.firstly thank you for visiting my blog.can you give me your email or facebook acount? I’ll reply it there..

  3. Hi Aan,
    Thank you very much for fast reply. You can reach me my fb id: tangsew.
    Hope see you message again.

  4. blognya keren bro.
    salam kenal

    1. makasih sudah berkunjung. salam kenal juga

  5. suka bingitz sma gya nulisnya mas Aan..:)

  6. ah aan ini mah traveler kelas berat! hahhaha kalo saya traveler kelas kota sendiri hehehe. bagus, an. seru banget, suka fotografi juga ternyata. kalo based di bandung mah bisa jalan2 bareng atuh, banyak acara jalan2 di bandung

    1. Yang kelas berat itu perut saya, teh. he2…
      hayuklah saya tunggu ajakannya.

  7. salam kenal mas alfian, pertama kali berkunjung disini nih 🙂 inspiratif

    1. salam kenal juga. terima kasih atas kunjungannya. semoga dapat memberi inspirasi

  8. Wow youre so surprisingly, nice blog, nice person, kapan kita jalan jalan bareng aan..?

    1. hai Okto kawan lama. piye kabarmu?

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