Meretas Konflik Melalui Seni di Biennale Jogja

“Mengingatkan saja, sih. Orang yang merestuinya jadi capres adalah orang yang sama yang dulu memutuskan duet dengan yang kalian sebut penjahat hak asasi manusia”

Begitu rangkaian kata yang tertulis di sebuah lukisan besar karya Arwin Hidayat yang terpajang di salah satu ruang pamer. Lukisan itu menggambarkan sosok pria memegang bunga yang dengan mudah ditebak adalah perwujudan presiden Indonesia saat ini. Masih di ruang yang sama, beberapa orang nampak khusyuk membaca buku yang berisi kumpulan ekspresi media sosial sang empunya tulisan pada lukisan tadi, Puthut EA, yang terkenal sebagai orang penting dibalik situs

When The Bajingan Raise A Joy (Ketika Bajingan Melecut Kegembiraan)

The road was jammed by the parade. They were in big number and moved slowly. The narrow road became more narrow. Yet somehow many riders were willing to step aside joined with the locals and enjoy the parade especially the kids who looked so excited. “Bajingan..!! Bajingan..!!”, some shouted. Instead anger, the abuse word was in the air in happy mood. Bajingan in Indonesia refers to bastard, jerk, asshole, etc. Even some of the photographers found them self into the ditch for the sake of good angle. What a blessed bajingan.

A Learning From Toys At Under The Stairs ( Belajar Melalui Mainan di Museum Kolong Tangga )

It’s not easy to find the place despite located in center of the city. Lack of information and phisically attached to the Yogyakarta’s Cultural Center (Taman Budaya Yogyakarta / TBY) building which has longer history cause it less known obviously. Museum Anak Kolong Tangga (‘The Under The Stairs’ museum) as the name implies, it is situated under the stairs of an auditorium. Relatively small, more like a warehouse than a museum. Not a good start. But a turning point in sight. The front face is like a waving hand. It invites anyone to come closer. Colorful paintings distingushes it among the white wall. Like a kid who don’t want to give up easily to attract the attention of the adults around him just to let them know he is there.

Do You Have A Name? So We Do (Kami Juga Punya Nama)

Hello, sir. Welcome to Malioboro. We’re happy to see you. If you dont mind, where do you come from? Ah, that’s not important. We have no business with that after all. Thank you for coming, sir. You make the economic wheel spinning, at least for people along this legendary road. Our wheel too, literally. That if our masters are good at persuading or just get a luck. That’s why we happy if you take a ride on us. Otherwise our quiescent is our master’s gloom.

The Grand Mosque Kauman. Between art, culture & spiritual (Antara Seni, Budaya & Agama)

Originally named Mosque of Kagungan Dalem Kraton Ngayogyakarto Hadiningrat, the worship place was built in 1773 by Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono I as the first sultan (king) of the Sultanate of Mataram Yogyakarta with Kyai Faqih Ibrahim as the first headman of the palace and with the help of Kyai Wiryokusumo as the architect.