The Agony of Bekonang (Nyawa Meregang Bekonang)

It’s a common sight to find drums and firewood pile in front of a house. Those are mark of home industries of alcohol ran by the house owner. Bekonang, a small village in Mojolaban district, Sukoharjo regency, Central Java, Indonesia, is an old legend for generations to liquor lovers especially in Central Java and beyond thanks to its ciu (local liquor). It is a bold statement from the residents of Bekonang, one of them is Mujiman, 68, an alcohol producer titled Ngudi Rejeki.

Bekakak, A (More Than) Tradition Far Beyond The Time. (Terus Lestari Tak Sekedar Tradisi)

Once upon a time in Ambarketawang, Gamping, Sleman around 1755 Ki Wirosuto and his wife which were a royal servant at Yogyakarta Palace and also limestone miner died in an accident while working in the mine. The tragedy sadly took place for several times further. In the past many locals took a living as miners since the area was a landscape of limestone (gamping). The king Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono I, who resided in Ambarketawang while waiting the completion of his palace, soon ordered to peform a ritual to avoid the grief continues.  A procession called Saparan Bekakak held annually every Sapar month in javanese calendar or also called Safar in islamic calendar.