The Splendid of Lombok (Seronok Lombok)

I did what everybody else did, take around in Lombok island after hiking Mount Rinjani. Bali’s close neighbour but main competitor at the same time, offer to it’s visitors a complete set of wonders. Sea to summit. Although only a day but I am grateful given a chance to visit some of the spot, Senggigi beach, Gunungsari traditional market, Batu Bolong temple, Sade traditional village, Tanjung Aan and Selong Belanak beach. Personally I prefer Lombok since its relatively not as busy as the island of God, Bali. It’s cultural acculturation also more pronounced while Bali dominated by Hindu. Hopefully I can go there again someday. What a splendid of Lombok.

Stupefied in Rinjani (Terlena Di Rinjani)

It’s so crowded. Understandably it’s a long holiday. It didn’t take for long to me to feel the effect. It’s a little bit uncomfortable for being unable to fully control my walking speed. Too many people in front. Instead of chasing our porters, Hasan and Udin, I have even more left behind. Their speed is no match for me whereas they only wear flip-flop with a pair of twenty kilos basket in their shoulder for each person. Mean while Sari, Sisil, Fanani, Ferhat had their selfie time behind and Apoy already up in front. Fortunately, I was fascinated by the beautiful scenery along the way. Rinjani is so pretty. An exotic view outspread along the hiking trail from Sembalun. A vast grassland stretched decorated with a few numbers of stand alone tree. I wish they can talk maybe those trees will mourn lonely. The nature also shows it’s carving art in form of fractures, faults, cliffs, water stream, and sort of vertical holes which makes it more astonishing. At the top end there the crown lies with all its glory, the peak of 3726 ASL of Rinjani. Sometimes we spent so much time when taking a break just to realize how majestic it is. We’re mesmerized.

Ijen, A Hardwork Story (Sebuah Kisah Tentang Kerja Keras)

It’s still dark and flickering stars was crystal clear. Meawhile the wind blew the pungent smell occassionally. So many people gathered in the serene night. Their voices sounded boisterous. From up here they’re enjoying the wonders blue fire. Only the brave can see it close in the bottom of the crater thanks to the rocky slippery pathway and dense sulfur smoke. Through it all is an adventure for visitors. Yet it’s a daily routine for these man, the miners who make a living by way of traditional sulfur mining at the crater of Mount Ijen.

Tanjung Layar. Ferocious Wave, Rock Carvings,…Anything Else?

Swimming? Ferocious waves combined with sharp coral would make anyone think twice. Walking along the beach is the best way to enjoy this exotic beach. Dont forget to witness the beauty of rock carvings. A huge coral rock stands out alone on the foreshore make it so iconic. Welcome to Tanjung Layar, one of the beaches in Sawarna tourist spot, Bayah, Banten.

Mitos Penjaga Alam Baduy

Tak jarang omongan dari mulut ke mulut lebih bisa memberikan sugesti daripada aturan atau simbol. Mitos seputar Urang Kanekes atau yang lebih terkenal dengan suku Baduy, Banten lama, contohnya. Awal Februari 2013, Saya bersama dua orang rekan, om Andre, Fatur dan satu rekan cilik, Bram yang masih berusia delapan tahun yang juga putra om Andre, mencoba menyusuri pedalaman Baduy yang terkenal akan cerita dan mitosnya. Setelah empat jam perjalanan dari Jakarta menggunakan mobil, kami berempat ditemani seorang pemandu, Pak Agus, menjejakkan langkah pertama dari Ciboleger tepat jam 12 siang.