ITB Art Market, An Appreciation and Irony (Pasar Seni ITB, Sebuah Apresiasi Sekaligus Ironi)

On 24th November, the 2014 ITB Art Market just got underway in campus of Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB, Bandung Institute of Technology). As the name implies, this event has the main goal to bring together the two interested parties, sellers and connoisseurs of art comodity. First held in 1972, the four-yearly event initiated by Abdul Djalil Pirous and a collague, But Muchtar, with the hope to create the link between art and economic value. The former professor of ITB is inspired by the Art Fair which is held every autumn in New York when he studied graphics art in the city.

Tedong, When Diginity and Livelihood Work Together (Sebuah Mutualisme Antara Kemuliaan dan Penghidupan)

By truck, that morning Frederik took twenty kilometers away from Makale bring three tedongs. One of them is tedong bonga or albino (striped) buffalo. He expects a fortunes of the ongoing bull market in Bolu Traditional Market, Rantepao, North Toraja. Frederik was not alone. Dozens buffalo sellers gathered in the same place, the biggest buffalo market in Indonesia.