Ijen, A Hardwork Story (Sebuah Kisah Tentang Kerja Keras)

It’s still dark and flickering stars was crystal clear. Meawhile the wind blew the pungent smell occassionally. So many people gathered in the serene night. Their voices sounded boisterous. From up here they’re enjoying the wonders blue fire. Only the brave can see it close in the bottom of the crater thanks to the rocky slippery pathway and dense sulfur smoke. Through it all is an adventure for visitors. Yet it’s a daily routine for these man, the miners who make a living by way of traditional sulfur mining at the crater of Mount Ijen.

Nyekar (Visiting The Ancestor)

It’s a customary for Muslims in Java to visit graveyard of the ancestors in the month of Sya’ban, the month before Ramadhan, the fasting month. They believe that in the Sya’ban, or so-called Ruwah in Javanese calendar, is a time when Allah opens the door of pray so wide for the people who have died. That’s why it is called Ruwah, which comes from word “roh” (the spirit). Various activities carried out, mostly such as cleaning the grave, sowing flowers and praying for the deceased.

Menaklukkan Diri Di Tanah Tertinggi Jawa

Sama seperti manusia, setiap perjalanan itu unik. Ia menimbulkan kesan yang berbeda bagi pelakunya. Bisa karena destinasinya, pemandangannya, orang-orangnya atau berbagai peristiwa yang mengiringinya. Namun bagi Saya perjalanan menuju tanah tertinggi Jawa kali ini berkesan kuat karena perjuangannya. Ini adalah perjalanan kedua Saya setelah tahun lalu antiklimaks, gagal ke puncak. Saatnya membayar hutang.

Klayar, Dangerously Beautiful (Si Ganas Yang Cantik)

If you go to the beach for fun dive, then you should not have to bother to come here. Ferocious waves, typical of the southern coast of Java. But if you’re happy for feasting eye, especially photography enthusiast, I assure you to come to the beach which is located 45 km south of  Pacitan city. Exotic coral reefs, coral cavities, meadows above the beach, sea flute phenomenon, and many more. A photographic paradise on the island of Java. 

Baluran, A Piece of Africa at the end of Java (Sepenggal Afrika di Ujung Jawa)

We were gasped when I found a banner in front of the entrance gate. “Welcome, President of Indonesia to Baluran National Park”. I almost limp. Bad thoughts began to haunt. My long journey to the tip of Java may be wasted just because of one person. But after reading the dates listed below the main text banner, I was relieved. The visit was yesterday. Thank God…