Menantang Diri Sendiri : Momen Terbaik 2016

Setelah beberapa waktu, tantangan sesungguhnya dalam berkarya secara mandiri baru terasa di  2016. Nir atasan atau bawahan, menciptakan tantangan bagi pribadi adalah tantangan itu sendiri. Beberapa kali saya merasakan hidup dalam garis datar, tiada tanjakan, turunan, atau bahkan belokan. Ketika garis datar itu terasa artinya lonceng waspada telah berbunyi. Sejumlah agenda perjalanan maupun mencari ilmu yang sudah direncanakan juga belum terwujud. Tahun yang keras, sungguh. Namun demikian sejumlah foto yang menggambarkan momen terbaik di 2016 tetap tersaji.

The New Chapter : The Best Moment In 2015 (Semangat Baru)

The New Chapter : The Best Moment In 2015 (Semangat Baru)

Many events took place in 2015. The most memorable was the born of the new center of universe, my baby. As his presence, a new challenge yet spirit has emerged. In other side, my understanding of photography become deeper than before. Instead about the camera and other technical terms, it’s actually about how to master the patience, aware to detail and moment, endure the persistence, find different perspective, communicate with people, respect the nature and many more. For those who have a passion about life, photography provide almost everything beyond our imagination.

Start From Zero : The Best Moment In 2014 (Memulai Sebuah Awal)

Two critical decisions have been and it became the beginning of a completely new life to me in 2014. Being a husband and releasing the comfort zone as an office workers. I started it both almost in the same period. Some think I’m crazy. So let the time prove whether I have the right or wrong decision.

Redefining The Dreams : The Best Moment in 2013 (Akhirnya Saya Memiliki Mimpi)

My journey in 2013 was getting farther and farther. Not just about in terms of distance but the life lesson as well. I met so many precious moments in unexpected places and it made my new vision. Its like a tiny point of light suddenly appear when you locked in a dark cave.

Farther : The Best Moment in 2012 (Berjalan Lebih Jauh)

2012, began to leave the job without any apparent reason for the sake of traveling. Many new things came and it was so fun. And became more interested to photography in the same year. I had been visited some of the best spot to take picture in Java. Soon I realized that now I have more than a pair of eyes to see. The other eye has become a gift and I’m so grateful. Yep, the camera.

Beginning of A Beginning : The Best Moment In 2011 (Awal Dari Sebuah Awal)

Anteng Kitiran, calm like a vane. A javanese metaphor means always on the move. He was talented to not stay still since his childhood. Then its not a surprise if he had almost made an accident. That day his father took him to a tennis court near the Lempuyangan Train Station, Yogyakarta. Easy to guess the six-year-old boy fled alone to the emplacement yard. Living in the neighborhood around a train workshop and a rail company worker father, were a perfect combination that made him fall in love with that snakey iron.