Tanjung Layar. Ferocious Wave, Rock Carvings,…Anything Else?

Swimming? Ferocious waves combined with sharp coral would make anyone think twice. Walking along the beach is the best way to enjoy this exotic beach. Dont forget to witness the beauty of rock carvings. A huge coral rock stands out alone on the foreshore make it so iconic. Welcome to Tanjung Layar, one of the beaches in Sawarna tourist spot, Bayah, Banten.

Exploring Indrayanti, Samondeng, Pok Tunggal

Recently Gunungkidul is being golden boy of tourism in Yogyakarta province. No longer known as a drought region as few years ago, otherwise Gunungkidul has been transformed into main tourism spot especially for it’s geotourism. The landscapes are dominated by karst rocks, forming it’s tourist spot such as caves, underground rivers, waterfalls, ancient mountain, coral beaches, etc. Pulang Syawal also known as Indrayanti, Samondeng and Pok Tunggal are three of many coral beaches in Gunungkidul. These beach adjacent to each other and can be reached with two hours journey by motorcycle from the Yogyakarta city center.

Klayar, Dangerously Beautiful (Si Ganas Yang Cantik)

If you go to the beach for fun dive, then you should not have to bother to come here. Ferocious waves, typical of the southern coast of Java. But if you’re happy for feasting eye, especially photography enthusiast, I assure you to come to the beach which is located 45 km south of  Pacitan city. Exotic coral reefs, coral cavities, meadows above the beach, sea flute phenomenon, and many more. A photographic paradise on the island of Java.